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Each of our data center facilities is designed and constructed according to international industry-standards and contains secure entrance facilities, large computer rooms, office space, a network operation center, support rooms, storage rooms and separate generator rooms. Important features for optimal performance include: a raised flooring system for providing effective space management and cabling, AC and DC power distribution systems with emergency backup solutions, communication towers for connectivity links, and vertical and horizontal power and network cabling structures.
Each ACG data center is equipped with robust main and backup power supplies. Our main power source is via our own high voltage transformer connected to the city grid that is run through stabilizers to ensure steady voltage. The primary backup for each center is a system of at least three generators that come online automatically. Secondary backups for each center include UPSs and battery packs that maintain uninterrupted power in case of emergency. The physical security system for each of our data centers is designed in a multi-layered approach.
ACG data centers use an optical fiber link for connectivity to international internet exchange points. In addition, our data center in Kabul is connected to a high-capacity microwave ring owned by ACG. Terrestrial point-to-point and point-to-multi-point microwaves are installed at each microwave ring access point, providing comprehensive access connectivity between data center and customers. In addition to optical fiber and microwave connectivity, ACG owns and operates a iDirect satellite hub (VSAT). This provides connectivity to even the most remote areas of the country.
All data center activities are managed by Network Operation Center (NOC). The NOC is the access interface to the data center where all operations in the country is monitored, configured, tracked, and recorded. NOC responses/ track/ follow-up to customers’ issues and requests promptly 24/7/365 through the fault management system and guarantees maximum level of service level agreement (SLA).


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